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Lab Lister is a student made tool created to make the lab day sign up process easier and more efficient.

Lab Lister is a simpler to use dashboard that pulls data from FlexTime Manager.
This extension does not replace FlexTime Manager™, it is only an add-on. The extension relies on FlexTime Manager to run.

Technical Explanation:


Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions about Lab Lister.

  1. What does Lab Lister do?
    • Lab Lister gets data from FlexTime Manager to display your lab day schedule, all offerings, and allow you to sign up for classes more efficiently.

  2. Who runs Lab Lister?

  3. Why did you create Lab Lister?
    • I created Lab Lister because I was getting really annoyed with FlexTime Manger's terrible UI and UX, and I was running low on projects to work on.

  4. Where is my data going?
    • Lab Lister makes calls from your computer meaning that during that process no data leaves your computer. However I do collect anonymous data to track usage.
  1. How does Lab Lister work?
    • Lab Lister impersonates you to make API calls that get and send data.

  2. What are the benefits of Lab Lister?
    • Lab Lister has a nicer and easier to use interface along with being a lot faster than FlexTime Manager.

  3. How long have you been working on Lab Lister?
    • It has been around 8 months. I started this project in early November 2019.

  4. Is Lab Lister reliable?
    • Over the span of three months Lab Lister has enabled 60+ students to sign up for over 500 classes total. If you have any doubts whether you are signed up for the classes you would like to be signed up for always check with the official website. (You may have to change a setting in Lab Lister to access FlexTime Manager)

Using Lab Lister

Ready to start using Lab Lister? Get it here:

Simply click to expand the section you would like to learn more about.

Right now you can only use Lab Lister on your computer.

Installing Extension:

You can install the Lab Lister extension by clicking here.

Then just press the "Add to Chrome" button.

Starting Extension:

Once you're ready to start using the extension just click the Lab Lister icon in your toolbar. This will open the Lab Lister extension.

By default, going to FlexTime Manager and logging in will redirect you to the Lab Lister extension. However you can disabled this in the settings.

You can also go to or click the login button at the top right of the screen. in the navigation menu.

Webstore Install Webstore Install

Viewing All Offerings:

To see all lab offerings simply press the "All Offerings" button.

This will display all lab offerings for every period. You can then search for a lab offering name, or filter by any category.

You can also sign up for classes from this page. Simply press the "Register" button and it will sign you up for that class.

Here you are able to see the list of classes that have been advertised to you by your teachers.

Your Schedule:

Your schedule will be pulled in when you first load the extension. This means that it will not update right away if you register for a class.

To see your updated schedule after signing up for a class you will have to click the Refresh Schedule button.

Changing settings is super easy. All you have to do is click the gear icon on the top right corner of the page. This will open up the menu, from here just enable and disable any settings you would like.

To learn more about what each setting does, refer to the Lab Lister Settings section.

Lab Lister Mobile View lets you see your Lab Day schedule on your phone. For this to work however you need to use Lab Lister to sign up for your classes.

Features of Lab Lister Mobile:

  • Swipe through all the classes you have signed up for
  • Tells you what class you are suposed to be in and where it is
  • Tells you how much time is left if that class period
  • Lets you see a quick overview of your grades

Due to restrictions with FlexTime Manager, you are unable to sign up for classes using the Lab Lister mobile view.

Expired Session:

You will encounter this popup when your FlexTime session id has expired. This happens often, when you get this popup you will have to re-login to FlexTime Manager.

General Error:

This is the popup you will see when there is an error. For example, if you press All offerings there are no offerings posted it will display an error telling you.

Webstore Install
Webstore Install

How to pair with an advisor:

To pair your account with your advisor, simply click the "Par Advisor" button in the Lab Lister settings menu.

Enter your advisor's pair code and then press "Pair"

For Advisors:

To get your pair code Login to Lab Lister either by clicking the login button on the top right of the screen or by going to

Once logged in, simply click the "My Pair Code" button.

You can see your grades on Lab Lister

To see your grades on Lab Lister you have live to link with CanvasCBL. You can link with CanvasCBL by going to settings and pressing the "Link CanvasCBL" button. You can also find this button by going to the grades tab on the top.

Linking with CanvasCBL gives you a really cool new feature! If your grades are a C or below, Lab Lister will recomend you Lab Day classes to attend that may help you raise your grade.

You of course have the option not to attend, Lab Lister will never force you to register for a class.

Lab Lister is in no way created by or affiliated with CanvasCBL.

Advisor Dashboard

Lab Days can be a huge pain point for advisors.

It takes a lot of time to check in with each student to make sure that they have a schedule that enables them to get work done.

How the Lab Lister Advisor Dashboard can help you as an advisor.

Get Started with the Lab Lister Advisor Dashboard:


Dark Mode
Default: Disabled


  • Dark theme for the extension.


  • Light theme for the extension.
FlexTime Auto Redirect
Default: Enabled


  • Redirects you to Lab Lister after logging in to FlexTime.


  • Won't open Lab Lister. You can still open it by clicking the extension icon.
Color Code Activities
Default: Enabled


  • Will highlight each type of activity a different color.


  • Will display activity types just like every other column.
Login Auto Redirect
Default: Disabled


  • Will automatically redirect you to login to FlexTime after three seconds if you session expires.


  • Will require you to click the login button to redirect to the FlexTime login page.


1.6 Release:

Mar 2, 2020

Older Versions:

Feb 26, 2020

  • Added CanvasCBL integration
    • Added grades tab on the Lab Lister extension
    • Added grades tab on Lab Lister mobile
    • Lab Lister now recomends you classes based on your grades from CanvasCBL
  • Re-arranged navigation menu on mobile
  • Backend changes for CanvasCBL integration
  • Fixed misaligned sign up notification
  • Optimized login on mobile

Feb 18, 2020

  • Added mobile view.
    • Add the mobile page to your home screen for a better experience.
    • You can swipe left and right to view either your next or previous class.
  • Minor backend changes

Feb 11, 2020

  • Moved share and email button
  • Added a login screen
    • Added Google sign-in
  • Added Advisor view
    • Students are able to pair their accounts to an advisor
  • Trimmed main website nav
  • Added login button to main website
  • Removed autoclose switch
  • Added FlexTime Button
    • Will quickly open the main FlexTime Manager website.
  • Many backend changes.

Jan 30, 2020

  • Added color-codded activities
  • Fixed not being able to sign up for advertised classes
  • Re-orginized settings menu
  • Added keyboard shortcuts
    • Ctrl + r reloads schedule.
    • Ctrl + f lets you start typing in the offering filter box.


Jan 29, 2020

  • Now able to remove a class from your schedule
  • Fixed duplicate filters


Jan 24, 2020

  • First public version 🎉
  • Added notification menu when hovering over profile picture
  • Now able to see your Advertised classes

1.11 beta

Jan 23, 2020

  • Bettered Map View
  • Added Beta Tester verification in preparation for the first public release.
  • Able to share you schedule through a short link / QR Code
    • To share you schedule hover over the share icons at the top right of your schedule.

1.10 beta

Jan 21, 2020

  • Extension not loading bug fixed
  • FlexTime Manager auto-redirect and auto-close switch fixed.
  • Many changes with how Lab Lister works, making it a lot faster.
  • Able to email your schedule to anyone
  • Testing map view of lab offerings

1.9 beta

Jan 2, 2020

  • Compleatly redesigned UI.
  • Added dark mode.
  • Moved Teacher Search function to All Offerings page.
  • Added settings page.
  • All Offerings page now sorts by lab number.
  • Starts extension on My Schedule page.
  • Auto redirects to Lab Lister when you login to FlexTime Manager. (Changeable Setting, Enabled by default.)
  • Auto redirects to FlexTime Login when session expires. (Changeable Setting, Disabled by default.)
  • Made offical Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

1.8 beta

Dec 29, 2019

  • Stability Fixes
    • Fixed API Crashing
    • More specific errors

1.7 beta

Dec 9, 2019

  • Changed name from FlexTime Manager Squared to Lab Lister
  • Added feedback when you register for a class

1.6 beta

Dec 5, 2019

  • First published chrome extension version.
  • Added the ability to see your schedule.


Known bugs:

Getting known bugs...


Lab Lister is a student made tool and is in no way affiliated with FlexTime Manager™, Eduspire Solutions™, or Design Tech High School.

Lab Lister only stores your most recent Lab Day schedule for the purpose of offering you a mobile view, and to let your advisor see your schedule, allowing them to more efficently check-in with you on Lab Days.

You can view the full Privacy Policy here.

You can view the full Terms of Service here.


Who are you contacting?

My name is Daniel Stoiber, I was in the 2021 Senior class of Design Tech High School. I started this Lab Lister project back in early November, and have been working hard on making it faster, easier to use and overall better. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out: [email protected]

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